The First Jesus?

The Jeselsohn Stone (or Gabriel Stone) tells of a man named Simon that could have been the messiah before Jesus. He was born way before Jesus.

On the tablet/stone, it talks of a great battle & that the “Prince of Princes” falls. Gabriel (the archangel) commands the prince to do something, what is unclear. Some think it’s to rise from the dead in 3 days. But again, we can’t be sure. The writing on the stone can’t be read. This particular part of the stone is too eroded to read.

One doctor says that Jesus might have known about this messiah. Jesus might have even modeled his own (adult) life & ministry after this messiah. But scholars can’t agree on one word. They CAN, however, agree on the 3 words before this one word., which is on the stone. The 3 words are: “By three days…” By 3 days what? Some think it’s the word: live. But on the stone, the first 3 letters are visible. And if it IS the word ‘live’ then the resurrection wasn’t anything new. The idea of a messiah was already well established. Prophesies about the messiah have been around for generations. And was already in the Torah when Jesus was walking the planet. And it was in cultures much older that Judaism. The Egyptians & Sumarians had resurrection traditions also. Others think it says “raise up.” And simply means God’s mercy will be had by all.

This messiah named Simon sparked a failed rebellio at Herod’s castle in Jericho. He was caught in a rock cavern & was killed. His body was left to rot in the sun. According to the stone, Gabriel talks about the dung rotting in the sun around a rocky outpost. He talks about this prince. Some disagree because because the name is never actually stated on the stone.

After Simon failed rebellion & death, the Romans crucified thousands. Simon was a real historical man. That, however, isn’t the question. The question is: Is the stone real? Where did Simon live? This can be answered… The stone was made east of the the Jordan River, east of the Dead Sea.


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